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The next generation of urinary tract health and the first to contain Lactoferrin. WelTract’s™ proprietary blend of ingredients includes Lactoferrin, D-Mannose, Cranberry Fruit Extract, Hibiscus Flower Extract, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. Together, these powerful natural ingredients support a healthy urinary tract. WelTract™ a urinary tract supplement contains 120 capsules for a 30-day supply.

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About WelTract™ Urinary Tract Supplement

WelTract has been formulated by a team of medical doctors and research scientists to provide optimal conditions to support a normal healthy urinary tract. I’m sure you’ve heard about the many benefits of cranberries or even have your own cranberry juice regimen. Weltract™ uses a whole cranberry fruit extract, which we believe provides increased beneficial properties. In addition, Weltract™ is the only urinary tract supplement to utilize lactoferrin. Lastly, Weltract™ is the first to use a proprietary blend of cranberry, lactoferrin, hibiscus, and d-mannose, along with vitamins C and D.

Recommended Usage


Take two capsules in the morning and two capsules at night (4 each day)


For optimal results take WelTract™ with meals


Do not chew or crush

Why take WelTract™ as recommended?

Each WelTract™ capsule contains a proprietary blend of ingredients and when consumed provides excellent support for your urinary tract system. Therefore, taking WelTract™ as directed allows the active ingredients to be sufficiently maintained in your urinary tract system giving you the best results for overall urinary tract health.

Will it interfere with other medication or supplements I take?

WelTract™ contains components that may interfere with certain prescription drugs. If you have or had a medical condition or taking prescription drugs, always consult your healthcare professional before taking. Also, if you are taking one or more of the ingredients listed in WelTract™, ask your doctor about the appropriate daily dose. 

How does the AmPurity Monthly Subscription program work?

The AmPurity Monthly Subscription program is the most affordable way to get beneficial supplements shipped to your doorstep without any hassle. Find out more about the program here.

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51 reviews for WelTract – Urinary Tract Support Supplement

  1. Judy L Purnell

    This product was recommended by my husband’s oncologist for infections related to a suprapubic catheter he has due to prostate cancer for 17 years. He has been on it for 3 weeks and thinks it is working so we signed up for an automatic shipment. The oncologist says several of her patients have said it has really helped them so we are going to stay with it since he has seen improvement.

    Review from verified Amazon purchase.

  2. Holly Herlocker

    I have autoimmune problems and battled recurring UTI to Kidney infections during the greater part of 2014. After spending 7 of the 8 months of the year on antibiotics and going through all kinds of tests, my urologist recommended the WelTract supplement in August of 2014. I could tell it was working within the first week. I wish I’d ditched the antibiotics and started it sooner! I take it daily and don’t even have to take it with food like most herbal supplements. It’s been a life-changer for me and I’d recommend it to anyone.

    Review from verified Amazon purchase.

  3. Jimmy Bowerman

    Great product Helped with my wife’s chronic UTIs

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  4. Linda Brown

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  5. Holly Johnston Herlocker

    WelTract is amazing! I went from being on antibiotics for 9 months to treat reoccurring UTI/Kidney infections in 2014, to not having another infection since I started Weltract. Thank you for this amazing product!

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  6. Bruce Susan Dabbs

    My wife tried WelTract at her urologist’s recommendation. She was having recurring UTI’s. She has had great results and will continue to use this product. Give it a try if you have chronic UTI’s. Well worth the money!

    Review submitted on Facebook.

  7. Sandy Barger

    After having UTIs one after another, my urologist wanted me to try something new. Becky, his nurse, told me about WelTract & how the supplement was “flying off the shelves” & that the results were unbelievable. She encouraged me to try it, & I said to sign me up! The results of WelTract were real!!
    As time went on, I just kept feeling better & better. AND, no more office visits to my PCP, urologist, no more expense of antibiotics, no more pain. All of this is a win-win situation in my eyes!!
    Thank you to my urologist & to WelTract for making the difference in my life.

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  8. Linda Retzloff Yates

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  9. Mike and Rachel Dossett

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  10. Leah Caradine

    I have taken WelTract for several months, as recommended by Dr. Mooney at Arkansas Urology Clinic in Little Rock, AR. In the past, I had frequent UTIs and they are now greatly reduced.

  11. Michael Weatherford

    I am taking Welltract on the advice of my urologist. I also modified my diet and took other measures to maintain a healthy urinary tract. I will continue to use this product.

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  12. Shirley B. Royall

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  13. SK

    Following pelvic surgery I was plagued for years by UTIs that became so frequent my Urogynecologist prescribed a daily antibiotic. We were both concerned about the adverse effects associated with long term antibiotic use. Almost two years ago he suggested I try WelTract. I was cautiously delighted with the improvement I experienced after the first month taking WelTract but no daily antibiotic. One month became 19 months and I have never needed to return to a daily antibiotic. WelTract hasn’t prevented an occasional UTI but it most definitely eliminated my need for daily antibiotics.

    Review from verified Amazon purchase.

  14. Carolyn H.

    Seems to be working!

    Review from verified Amazon purchase.

  15. Annette Stanton

    My urologist recommended the use and I used daily for at least 3 years.

    Review submitted on Facebook.

  16. SJB

    This bladder supplement is amazing! I haven’t had a UTI since I started it. It works.

    Review from verified Amazon purchase.

  17. Kindle Customer

    So far it is perfect. Keeping me from Dr visits

    Review from verified Amazon purchase.

  18. Claude Crump

    really helps prevent UTIs

    Review from verified Amazon purchase.

  19. Lucinda Pitchford

    The doctors couldn’t figure out how to help me. I was sent to a urologist/specialist in Little Rock. He immediately signed me up for WelTract. It has changed my life. I am very thankful for your company making this product, and pray you never go out of business!

  20. Barbara Blackard

    I normally take one WelTract daily. This seems to be adequate in preventing bladder infections for me.

  21. Shonia Wiley

    I was waking up two to three times during the night while sleeping but now about once if any.

  22. Leslie Walthall

    This product has been great. It tastes awful, but it works.

  23. Steven Danforth

    actually had prostate infections about every 2 years. Urologist recommended. So far so good

  24. Paul Moore

    It has changed my life (for the better).

  25. Wilma Cox

    So glad my doctor encouraged me to order this product.

  26. Kay Beckman

    I had to be seen by Primary Care doctor frequently, take antibiotics, etc for years until I started on WelTract and have not had another UTI. Thrilled with results. Thanks WelTract.

  27. Charles Farley

    Since taking WelTract my Dr. has seen an improvement in my lab tests which makes me happy.

  28. Janet Granderson

    After years of suffering from UTI’s, I finally tried one more urologist. He recommended WelTract. I started off with the maximum dose and I haven’t had a UTI in several years now. If I feel one coming on, I just take Wel-tract and it zaps it. Thanks to WelTract I no longer have chronic UTI’s.

  29. Marsha Salman

    Love the ingredients and the purpose.

  30. Mary Glancy

    In the time period that I have been taking WelTract, the only UTI I had was when I ran out – thought life was better – waited to get a refill. Won’t run out again —ever.

  31. Wanda Simons

    I was getting UTI’s every 2 or 3 months for several years. I finally got serious about trying cranberry supplements and D-mannose. No matter what brand they didn’t work. Now that I am on WelTract I (knock on wood!) haven’t had another one. The lady that answers the phone when you order was excellent.

  32. Patricia J Sisterhen

    I have only had one UTI since starting WelTract.

  33. Gail Boeckman

    Before taking WelTract I had UTI’s that would take multiple rounds of antibiotics before they would be cleared up. The UTI’s would last for weeks at a time. The UTI’s have not disappeared completely but they do not happen as often or last as long since I have started using WelTract.

  34. Mary S. Hayes

    My Urologist recommended WelTract and it stopped the constant UTIs. I am so happy that he did that, no more UTIs. Thank you

  35. Dale Bequette

    It is my intention to keep taking WelTract for my life time. I am convinced that it has a positive effect on my UTI health and maybe my kidneys.

  36. Linda Hux

    WelTract has been great for me. Since my doctor recommended it in 2016 I have only had one UTI. I take it exactly as directed. I have recommended it to my friends.

  37. Joseph Capozzoli


  38. Debra Rickman

    I became basically disabled from UTIs having 6-8 a year. I’m an RN and had multiple specialists and diagnostic tests. Finally, a physician put me on WelTract. I went almost a year without a UTI and got cocky and decided to taper and stop. Nurses are typically hard-headed and skeptical. THREE WEEKS after I was completely off WelTract I had a UTI. Back on and I’ve been healthy again for 6 months. WelTract works for me.

  39. Brittany James

    I was suffering from 6-8 UTIs a year and was having to take antibiotics each time, which is unhealthy and can also lead to other complications. My doctor put me on WelTract and it literally changed my life. I haven’t had a UTI in over a year and almost couldn’t believe the effectiveness of this supplement! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t had experienced it myself! I keep it on auto-ship so I never run out. Seriously, thank your WelTract.

  40. Mark Yates

    I had UTI’s for 2 to 3 years, went to my urologist and he said to try WelTract. Have not had one since great stuff

  41. Kittiya Laemmer

    AmPurity WelTract awesomeness

    Review submitted on Facebook.

  42. Mary Noel

    Great product! My urologist recommended that I try it. I’ve tried other natural products in the past but got no relief. But this time it was miraculous. I haven’t had a UTI in several months and plan to be a continuing user in the future should my “problem” recur. Can’t say enough good about it. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    Review from verified Amazon purchase.

  43. Gerald Stolz

    Was getting UTI’s frequently, stopped antibiotics, started WelTract over a year ago, and haven’t had one since. WelTract is working great!

  44. Pat Sisterhen

    After 3 1/2 years I have only had one infection and that was during traveling and probably not enough water. I used to have chronic UTIs. I am more that pleased.

  45. WelTract Customer

    We’ve ordered Well tract for several years and have always had great service. The product was recommended by our doctor, and it really takes care of the problem.

  46. WelTract Customer

    Keeps uti at bay

  47. WelTract Customer

    I use Wel tract and it is doing a great job for me I do not have any UTI issues thank you a great product

  48. WelTract Customer

    My uti's have greatly dropped in occurrence since I've started taking Weltract.

  49. Grace Sanders (verified owner)

    This was recommended by my urologist, and I’m so thankful he mentioned it. I have only had 2 UTI’s the last 3 years. Before WEltract I was getting around one every other month. this is such a great way to prevent infections.

  50. Alice Duncan (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking Weltract for a few years now bc I was having acute UTI’s several times a year and since taking it I haven’t had any UTIs thanks to my urologist recommending it.

  51. brdabbs (verified owner)

    I tried WelTract at my urologist’s recommendation. I was having chronic UTI’s requiring multiple doctor visits a year. Have used it now for over 6 years with great results and only a few UTI infections. Well worth the money!

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