AmPurity Wellness Reward Program

What is the AmPurity
Wellness Reward Program?

This program allows customers to earn points by simply ordering products, writing a review, referring friends or just being born. Then just redeem points and enjoy your coupons and discounts! 

What are the Ways to Earn Points?

Purchase Supplements

Earn points by purchasing supplements. For every $1.00 spent, 1.00 point is earned!

Write a Product Review

How are you liking your supplements? Once you have purchased and tried a supplement, provide a review and earn 50 points!

Refer a Friend

Do you think someone would benefit from taking one of AmPurity's supplements? Share your unique referral link with a friend and once they become a customer you earn 100 points!

Is it your Birthday?

Provide your birth date in your account. On your Birthday receive a $10.00 coupon to be used within 30 days!

Loyalty to our Customers

We value our customers loyalty to the AmPurity brands! The AmPurity wellness reward program provides rewards (coupons and discounts) for your commitment to health and wellness. 

AmPurity Wellness Reward Program
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I manage my points? Customers must have an account to collect points. Managing points can be done under ‘Manage My Rewards’ (Located in header and footer of website) or ‘My Account’ > ‘Points and Rewards’. 
  2. When did the Wellness Reward Program officially start? November 21, 2022
  3. How do points work with purchasing a product? Points are rewarded on the products price only. Points are exclude coupons applied, shipping, and tax.
  4. How many point do I need to redeem a coupon? Once you earn 500 points you can redeem a $25.00 coupon. For every 1 point over 500 points, you earn $0.05 if redeemed. Points are only redeemable for discounts through
  5. How do I redeem my points for a coupon? If you have a coupon available, it will appear under your account > Points and Rewards > Rewards
  6. Can I earn points and redeem coupons if I am on an auto-refill subscription? Yes. The system automatically creates and applies coupons on your auto refill subscription orders. Another great benefit of being on a auto refill subscription.
  7. How do product reviews work? Once you purchase a product, you can make as many product reviews as you like. Reviews can be made direction on the product pages. Only one review per product will count for points. Points are rewarded after your review is approved by the AmPurity team. 
  8. Do Wellness Reward points work with provider referral discounts and other promotional coupons? Yes, Wellness Reward points do work with other referral discounts and coupons.