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ZAMboost created by a local father-daughter team.


July 1, 2013 (ST.LOUIS) – ZAMboost, an immune support supplement created by a St. Louis father and his daughter, is now on the market. The product can be found on shelves at more than 40 Walgreens within the St. Louis area, Rolla, Columbia, and Sullivan, Mo.

 The product, developed by AmPurity Nutraceuticals LLC, is the first complete immune support supplement containing the natural ingredients beta glucan and lactoferrin.* Beta Glucan plays a key supportive role in activating white blood cells within the immune system.* Lactoferrin is a natural iron- binding protein isolated from dairy milk and credited with providing much of the immune system support to newborn babies.*

 ZAMboost also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin D along with several other extracts. A second formulation that’s also available, ZAMboost + Energy Boost, contains a caffeine-free energy boost incorporating Rhodiola, the amino acid taurine, as well as a Vitamin B complex.

 ZAMboost was created for Shannon Leinert, a professional runner as well as an Olympic hopeful.  Intense physical training can weaken an athlete’s immune system. After searches for effective supplements to support Shannon’s immune system netted little success, Shannon and her father, William “Patrick” Leinert, worked together to create the supplement.

 “We’re excited to share ZAMboost with the general public. It has really helped Shannon and the rest of our family,” said Leinert, a research biologist and father of four children.

 ZAMboost contains no lactose or dairy cholesterol. The product is also gluten-free.

 Both ZAMboost and ZAMboost + Energy Boost are available as a five-day pack at select Walgreens. A five-day or 30-day supply of the product can be found on Amazon and the website.

 AmPurity LLC is a family-owned nutraceuticals company based in St. Louis, MO.  By combining the knowledge of human physiology with nature’s pathways to wellness, AmPurity develops nutritional supplements to fit a family’s nutritional needs at affordable prices. AmPurity focuses on world-class research and is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).