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September 25, 2014 (CHICAGO) – Laser Focused Energy™ is at the forefront of the healthy energy movement. Laser is available at select locations in the greater Chicago area, including Elgin, Glenview, Joliet. “Through our distribution partnerships with Joseph Mullarkey Distributors, Elgin Beverage Co., and Kozol Brothers Inc., we’re excited to offer a healthier alternative energy drink,” said Andy Gibson, chief beverage scientist at AmPurity LLC – Laser’s parent company.


The Laser story reads much like a scene out of the 1980s flick “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”  Pat Leinert Sr., aka Wayne Szalinski, is an ambitious scientist who balances being CEO of a biotechnology company with starting up a nutritional science company, husband and father. Leinert Sr., his family, and a team of talented researchers have been working together to develop a beverage that gives you all of the energy and none of the caffeine.


At the biotechnology lab in St. Louis, Missouri where it all started, you can see Laser’s prototypes, flavorings, and ingredients lined up in a row on a lab bench. “He’s part scientist, artist, and perfectionist,” says Patrick Leinert Jr., marketing director at AmPurity and Leinert Sr.’s eldest son. Everything has been taken into consideration down to the name. “The research has shown that the ingredients in Laser, including Rhodiola which replaces caffeine, provide a focused energy rather than jittery and crash-like feelings often experienced with caffeine,” notes Leinert Jr. Hence, the name Laser, which is defined as a focused beam of light, and coincidently, mimics the laser beam that Szalinski used in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”


AmPurity first got the idea for a healthier alternative energy drink while creating the energy version of their flagship product, ZAMboost™, an immune support supplement. Shannon Leinert, brand ambassador for Laser and Leinert Sr.’s eldest daughter, said, “After observing the success of ZAMboost’s energy version we were immediately motivated to create an energy drink that provided the same power.” Laser is not an immune support supplement, but rather, an “amazing tasting, bubbly, energy-packed drink,” said Hannah Leinert, “official taste tester” and youngest daughter of the Leinert family.  


Laser is the first energy drink to offer a 100% caffeine-free boost of energy to consumers. It provides the kick you’re looking for, using: Rhodiola, Taurine, B Vitamins, Ginseng, L-Carnitine, and Pure Cane Sugar with no high fructose corn syrup. This non-caffeinated energy drink is a safe option for the entire family, which was the number one priority for this family-owned company. According to Barbara Leinert, Leinert Sr.’s wife, AmPurity has become a family endeavor and “the kids are just as motivated as my husband to put energy and time into growing something we’re all passionate about.”


You can learn more about Laser Focused Energy™ drinks on the official website or by following them on Facebook, Twitter (@Laserenergy4u) and Instagram (@Laserenergydrink4u). Get ready to ride the beam.


AmPurity LLC is a family-owned nutraceuticals company based in St. Louis, MO.  By combining the knowledge of human physiology with nature’s pathways to wellness, AmPurity develops nutritional supplements to fit a family’s nutritional needs at affordable prices. AmPurity focuses on world-class research and is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).