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General FAQs

  1. Can I use AmPurity’s dietary supplements if I have a medical condition or I am taking other medications?

    With any dietary supplement there is a potential risk of ingredient interactions. AmPurity strongly recommends you consult your healthcare professional before using dietary supplements if you have or had a medical condition or are taking prescription medications. AmPurity also recommends consulting your healthcare professional before using dietary supplements if you are pregnant or nursing.

  2. How can I be sure the dietary supplements from AmPurity are safe?

    At AmPurity, the quality and safety of our supplements are our highest priority. When our AmPurity Medical Advisory Board selects a target supplement, we begin by seeking the highest quality ingredients. Our dietary supplements are tested for heavy metals and microbiologics as well as independent label claim verification. All of AmPurity’s dietary supplements are manufactured in a world class facility.

  3. What is the AmPurity Medical Advisory Board?

    The AmPurity Medical Advisory Board is a panel of healthcare professionals made up of medical doctors, nurses, and clinical researchers that meet on a periodic basis to review the latest advances in nutritional sciences and medicines. The review includes analysis of clinical research studies as well as the efficacy and safety of recent trends in the nutritional sciences field.

  4. How can I contact AmPurity Nutraceuticals, LLC?

    Contacting AmPurity Nutaceuticals is as easy as clicking on the Contact Us links found throughout this website. Other ways to contact us are just as simple and include:

    AmPurity Nutraceuticals, LLC
    410 Axminister Drive
    Fenton, MO 63026

    Phone: 855-466-8632